How we protect your privacy

When you register for a Foveo™ Funeral Stream, you are entrusting us with your personal data. We are committed to protecting your privacy and keeping that trust. This page explains our data management practices: how we collect, use, share and protect your personal data. 

Type of Data

Registration Data

This is the information we collect when you register for a live stream:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

How We Get It

From Registrants

An on-screen notification is displayed during the guest registration process, indicating that the guest's registered names and email address will be shared with the family that requested the live stream and recording be arranged (hereafter referred to as "the family").

What We Do With It

  1. Create a list of registrants for the live stream of a specific funeral or memorial service (registrants must be on this list to gain access to the live stream).

  2. Send a registration confirmation email to confirm registration and provide login information for the live stream.*

  3. Provide support to registrants by email, should they request support before, during or after the live stream.

  4. Send up to two reminder email messages in advance of the live stream.*

  5. Create a Guest Record after the live stream, with the names, emails and countries from which registrants logged in (similar to a guest book).

  6. Share the Guest Record with the funeral home that arranged the Foveo Funeral Stream to be provided directly and only to the family.

*Emails are generated automatically by Zoom Video Communications (hereafter referred to as "Zoom"), without Foveo accessing the data. 

How We Protect It

  1. The list of registrants is created and stored securely using the Zoom platform. Click here for information on Zoom’s Privacy practices.

  2. Only specific registration and attendance data are downloaded from Zoom after a live stream has concluded to create a Guest Record.

  3. The downloaded files are deleted from all Foveo drives once the report has been created and delivered.

  4. A copy of the Guest Record is retained by Foveo for at least three months (as a back-up); after this, it is permanently deleted.

  5. By sending an email to, a registrant may request that their information be removed from the Guest Record which the family will receive. 

Type of Data

Type of Data

Type of Data

Video and Audio Recordings and Transcripts of the funeral services we stream

These are data generated and stored by Zoom Video Communications during and after a Foveo Funeral Stream.

Type of Data

Type of Data

How We Get It

From the Zoom Cloud

Type of Data

Type of Data

What We Do With It

  1. These data are wholly and securely produced, processed and stored on the Zoom platform and Cloud.

  2. Foveo provides access to the specific recording and downloadable files to the funeral home to be shared with the family.

  3. The recording files include audio (MPA), video (MP4) and text transcript (VTT) files, which are never stored locally by Foveo.

Type of Data

Type of Data

How We Protect It

  1. The audio and video recording and transcript files of the live stream are generated by Zoom and retained securely in the Zoom Cloud for up to three months. Foveo grants password-protected, limited-time access to the files so the family may download and store them personally.

  2. Foveo grants specific file access solely to the family by providing access information directly to the funeral home that arranged for the live stream.

If you would like to have your personal information removed from the guest report of a service you have registered for, please contact us at

Our Chief Executive Officer is accountable for our compliance with this privacy statement and applicable privacy laws. All comments, questions, concerns or complaints regarding your personal information should be directed in writing to: Chief Executive Officer (Privacy), Foveo Memorial Services Inc., 2 Mission Inn Grove, Ottawa, Ontario, K2R 1C6, Canada, Tel: +1-613-720-7873, email: