How it Works

How we make streaming simple.




1. Arrange the service

Funeral directors can help families arrange a MemorialStream™ that honours their loved one in special ways. Reviewing a list of premium add-ons together can keep planning simple.

2. Schedule your MemorialStream

Our booking page will connect you with our Client Care team to scheduling your stream, so that your SimplicityCam™ connects in one touch to broadcast in high-quality audio and video. We'll also send you a customized invitation and unique registration link to share with the family. If you aren't offering MemorialStream™ today, we can get you ready to stream in under two weeks. 

3. Stream  

You're ready to go. You'll be able to focus on care, knowing that everyone the family wants to be there can be. We'll also attend remotely to make sure you're set and everyone is able to connect. We work with you to make sure the service you planned gets streamed simply. 

We make streaming simple.™