How It Works   (for funeral professionals)

We put your business first

We manage your branded guest registration, confirmation and reminder messages, issuing a unique access link to each registered guest. Guests will connect with your brand six times before the service begins.


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Book their Live Stream

During your arrangement conference, ask:

"Is there anyone you would like to be there who won't be able to attend in person?"

Based on their answer and any personalizations they ask for, you'll login and book their stream in just a few minutes. 

Once booked, they will automatically receive the personalized registration link and so will you.



Connect to
the Stream

You can set up your Simplicity Cam™ and join the live stream to test your connection in just 5 minutes.

You'll then leave everything else about the online experience in the hands of one of our client care specialists. They ensure online guests are welcomed and supported, and they will take your sound and video live when you are ready to begin. 

They'll also stop your sound and video when it's over and be sure to thank online guests for attending.



Focus on in-person guests

We'll take care of your online guests, making sure everyone can connect to the live stream and get controlled access to the recording afterwards.

If any of them need help, they'll be calling us or chatting online with the client care specialist we assigned to your stream.

The family can also view and download the recording, access the list of registered guests and read any messages shared during the service. 

How we Stream

Foveo's Funeral Experience Platform™ is built on one of the world's most trusted video communications platforms, streaming uniquely in high-definition (HD) video and professional audio. During ceremonies and services, online guests don't have access to their device's camera or microphone, ensuring these important events proceed without interruption. 

For the sake of transparency and family privacy, online guests pre-register to attend, and the guest list, including email addresses, is available to the family before and after the ceremony. This information allows them to ensure important people were able to register, send thank you messages, and modify any guest's access permissions as needed.    

We stream to a white-labelled, personalized broadcast page that includes the name and photo of the deceased and your funeral home's logo with ways to get in touch. Guests can share a message for the family and contact our client care team for direct support from that page. It's the same page for family and registered guests to view the recording afterwards and get download access that won't expire.

It's how we've simplified delivery of your brand experience without leaving website administration or video storage concerns to you.