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Funeral gatherings continue to be constrained by public health precautions. But even as restrictions are eased, families are continuing to ask for live streaming to allow family members and friends who cannot attend in person to be a part of this meaningful experience.

While the trend to delay funeral services is passing, the demand to live stream services is growing. We'll help you meet this need in a way that naturally reflects your brand and your business model. 



Everyone expects you to offer live streaming. But that can be challenging--even for the most tech-savvy funeral director. Foveo's funeral experience platform is a simple solution to your challenge that doesn't involve costly upgrades or retrofits. We can also assess your existing equipment as part of the solution.​

In many cases, our Simplicity Cam™ Systems make a great choice. Using 5G mobile cameras and wireless mics, you're not limited to specific rooms or zones to stream and record in high definition (HD). 

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Exceed families' expectations by streaming and recording with the same professionalism and attention to detail that you put into every other aspect of your business. ​Strengthen your brand. Meet market demand with confidence. Expand your service offerings. And gain a competitive advantage. 

If you want to stream better than ever before, let us introduce you to simplified and refined live streaming that works.
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