The Funeral Director Experience

We put your business first

We manage your branded guest registration, confirmation and reminder messages, issuing a unique access link to each registered guest. Guests will connect with your brand six times before the service begins.


Foveo's streaming solution, online management tools and client care were all designed in collaboration with funeral directors to be simple to use. We continue to simplify and refine our streaming processes every day so that you can stream with confidence. Here it is in three simple steps.


The Arrangement

How do you ask about streaming?

What options can you offer? 


The Day
of the

How do I know
it's going to work?

What if guests need help?


up with

When will the
recording be ready?

What do I need to send them?



The Arrangement Conference

When you meet with family members, ask them: "Is there someone you wanted to attend the ceremony who won't be able to come?"
 When they say, "Yes," offer them a live stream and three simple choices.

Login to your Foveo Dashboard to book their stream. Provide essential information, including who should receive the registration link to start inviting guests. You can track all your streams from the dashboard.

Add more information later, including an order of service, photos to personalize the welcome screen, a tribute video or pre-recorded message, or request a videographer or share the contact info of an online guest who will play a direct role in the service. 

Connect with their community

Create important new connections with custom-branded guest registration, and confirmation and
reminder messages. 

Online guests will interact with your brand six times before the service begins.



The Day of the Service

On the day of the service,
our client care team will reach out to confirm the time you selected to connect your Simplicity Cam and test your live stream audio and video connection.

Take good care of family and guests onsite, knowing we're taking care of all of your guests online, with arrival protocols and live, multi-channel support for guests who may need help. We monitor every stream, from end to end, and will contact you if onsite troubleshooting is ever required. 

Our team is part of
your team

We're with you every step of the way to answer any questions and make sure you're ready to stream.
A co-host at every stream
and 7 x 365 live support give everyone greater peace of mind. 



Following up with Family

After the service
, in fewer than 90 minutes, you and the family will have access to view, share and download the recording. You also get access to a detailed guest record of those who registered and attended the live stream.

Delivery of these two important products is automated, simplifying your aftercare and letting you focus on meeting families' other needs.

Stream in Full HD and
pro-quality audio

The quality of guests' online experiences speak volumes about your company's commitment to professionalism and attention to detail.
Our high-quality recordings and online guest records make beautiful keepsakes.

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