3 Reasons to Stream

Because You want Everyone to be There™

This may be the first time you've considered streaming or you may have enough experience to do it yourself. No matter your comfort or ability, we understand why you don't want to leave things to chance. We make it simple to host a live-streamed service and connect everyone you want to be there, no matter where they are.

Bridge distances.

Not everyone will be able to attend the funeral or memorial service. Travel may be difficult or expensive. Health may not permit. Work obligations may stand in the way. Whatever the circumstances, you'll be able to ensure that important and special people will still be able to attend and even participate personally via a live, two-way video stream. And if you've already got everything planned, your video stream will make sure no one has to miss this moment. 


Help the healing. 

"Although a funeral can be delayed, our grief is not something we can delay." Experts say delaying a funeral for too long can complicate our grief. Everyone grieves. Funerals, memorial services, graveside gatherings and celebrations of life help us open doors to our feelings of loss and important expressions of grief. They provide us with opportunities for healing and enable us to give and receive comfort. They are equally important occasions to remember what made our loved ones truly great and ponder the impact they had on our own lives and on others'.  


Create an heirloom. 

Today, the physical, digital and virtual worlds are becoming one. A family heirloom no longer has to be a silver locket or a carved, wooden box to connect us with our past. The recording of a MemorialStream™, filled with kind tributes, special stories, meaningful music and precious memories, will be a family heirloom that everyone can enjoy, no matter where they are--a digital heirloom that creates vibrant links between our past, present and future generations and will last forever.



by ForeverLink