The Guest Experience


Professional-grade audio and video allow you to share crisp images and clear sound.

It's easy to invite guests and get everyone connected to a live stream of the service.

We stream over one of the world's most trusted video communication platforms.

Only registered guests can access the live stream, and the recording is password-protected.

No matter where the service takes place, you'll be able to stream to everyone online.

Our Client Care specialists
support every Livestream,

giving you peace of mind.



Professional-grade audio and video, allow you to share crisp, clear images and sound.

Our goal is to offer you a simple tool that delivers professional results. Our Simplicity Cams™ help you do that, ensuring invited online guests have clear sound and a good view of those speaking, reading or playing instruments. 

Online guests are invited with invitations that are co-branded with your funeral home or cemetery branding, and a personalized message can be shared with attendees before the service begins.

If you desired, your customers can play a personalized selection of music or a slideshow before the service begins. And when they are ready to leave, they'll be automatically directed to the deceased's memorial page on your website to sign the guestbook and express condolences


It's easy to invite guests and get everyone connected to the live event.

It's easy for families to invite family members and friends to participate in the live stream by sending a pre-registration link by email, calendar invitation, or social media posts. When you book a stream, we'll send you a unique link that the family can share. 

Most of our work gets done behind the scenes, but on the day of the service, we'll be there to help guests connect and assure a worry-free live broadcast. Guests who wish connect by phone can call into an audio stream of the service. And for those who could not attend, families can share a recording of the service as soon as the next day. 


We use one of the world's most trusted video communication platforms.

We understand you just need it to work. That's why Foveo uses one of the most reliable and intuitive video streaming platforms available. We stand by the quality, capacity and stability of our platform. So, whether families are inviting five family members or hundreds of friends from the community and around the world, they'll be getting a high-quality stream that's easy to connect to and can accommodate large numbers.    

In addition, Foveo's Simplicity Cams™ make your direct connection to our streaming platform seamless. It's that simple and you'll be leaving nothing to chance. And because we are SOCAN licensed, your streamed service is authorized to include copyrighted music from SOCAN's repertoire of over 27 million works.


Only invited guests will be able to access the live stream or view the recording afterwards.

Our registration process helps ensure only the people invited to attend the service can login. We provide a unique registration link for every service, allowing families to invite guests to register ahead of time. A family may also opt to personally review and approve all registrations. Registered guests will receive simple access to the live stream, and families always have complete control over granting access to view the recording afterwards.

The privacy of the personal information of registered guests is very important to us. We take special care to protect the privacy of family members and guests, ensuring the personal data we collect is always processed according to our published privacy practices.


No matter where the service takes place, everyone can join online or by phone.

You may be planning a funeral service or celebration of life that takes place in your chapel or a community church or hall and then moves to the graveside for committal. Whether you're indoors or out, our compact, portable Simplicity Cams™ let you bring everyone to where you are, using the best local networks available. 

The digital networks needed to stream high-quality audio and video are getting better every day. Our streaming service is configured to make the best use of local 4G, LTE+ and 5G mobile connections where available. 

Guests who do not have a reliable Internet connection can choose to connect by telephone to an audio stream of the service. And those who cannot attend at all have the option to contact the family to request access to view the recording on demand.


Our Client Care specialists
support every
Live Stream.

So, help is just a call or text away.

All of our streams are all co-hosted. That means we work closely with your funeral directors ahead of your event to ensure everything is ready to go. We'll also be at hand when you arrive, should you have any last-minute questions or need help adding speakers or sharing photos, videos or songs.

Our Client Care specialists understand this is an important time and streaming may be a little stressful. It helps to know someone is standing by to help take care of the details and answer any questions you may have. We're working hard behind the scenes to keep things simple and elegant, so you can be fully present in the moment.