About Foveo

Our Vision and Mission

Provide the simplest, most meaningful online funeral experiences available.

We simplify streaming for funeral professionals and refine online guest experiences in meaningful ways. 

Why leading homes choose Foveo

Foveo Memorial Services Inc. started streaming services as MemorialStream in 2013, long before live streaming was popular. We piloted our Funeral Experience Platform in 2020 to help families share these important moments and overcome the barriers of time, physical distance and cost. Our years of industry insight and experience have helped us co-create a simpler, more-refined online funeral experience to connect families and friends. Today, our experience platform helps funeral professionals engage families and online guests in meaningful ways, creating a direct reflection of our clients' distinguished brands, helping them increase trust, visibility and market reach throughout the experience.

Behind the Name

Funerals are important occasions to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. Foveo is a Latin word that means "to cherish."  Professional live streams are allowing more people than ever to find comfort and hope and to cherish the memories and life a loved one. 

We invite you to work with us to find custom-tailored ways to enrich the online funeral experiences that guests are having with you.


Trajan Schulzke

Chief Executive Officer