About Foveo Memorial Services Inc.


Our Vision and Mission

Provide the simplest, most meaningful funeral streaming experiences available.

We simplify streaming for funeral professionals and refine the online guest experience in meaningful ways. 

Our Service

Foveo's funeral streaming platform helps funeral directors live stream and record funeral services for the families they serve. You'll be livestreaming in high definition from almost any location, offering the best possible memorial experiences for guests who cannot attend in person. 

Why Foveo

Funerals are important occasions to remember and celebrate the goodness of a loved one who has passed away. While we each cherish memories uniquely, we gain strength and hope to carry on collectively. Foveo is a latin word meaning "to cherish" or remember warmly. We want Foveo livestreams to allow more people than ever to find comfort, take courage and foster hope through the funerals and memorial services of their loved ones, hearing and holding on to cherished memories forever. 

We first created MemorialStream™ in 2013.  To help funeral directors respond to the sudden demand for streaming in 2020, we founded Foveo. Our goal is to enrich online funeral experiences in meaningful ways that we hope will leave you grateful for the experience.

Trajan Schulzke

Founder, CEO

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